USO | “Farah’s Story”



The USO wanted to engage with a younger and fresher generation of donors via their digital platforms. As a longtime video production partner of the USO, SideXSide aimed to create a dynamic and emotionally-resonating brand video that connected with this audience.

In order to appeal to viewer’s habits in an era of fast-paced video consumption, we developed a video outline that quickly got to the crux of the USO’s mission. The outline starts by capturing the raw realities experienced by servicemembers and their families, and the transformative impact the USO programs has on their lives. But we needed a person to anchor the video with whom audiences would connect. Enter Farah Roy and her two children.

After meeting Farah and hearing her story, it was clear that her experience would resonate strongly with viewers. We pivoted the creative direction of the video to center only on her and called it “Farah’s Story”. This short film centered on USO impact, told through the perspective of a singular military family. Farah’s story, including her husband Derek who is stationed in Iraq and her two children, forged a deep emotional connection to the audience, while highlighting the USO’s role in her family’s life. 


Executive Producers

Jamie Coughlin Silverman, Gabriel Silverman


Kathryn Carlson

Director of Photography

Teresa Carante

Producer and Writer

Rooj Alwazir


Fernando Tovar

Production Assistant

Deanna Del Ciello