The Century Foundation | The Next100



One flick of the pen from the legislature and millions of lives can be affected. The world of crafting policy is extremely consequential, yet often opaque. The Century Foundation engaged SideXSide Studios to help funders understand who is behind the work and why it matters.  The result was two brand videos: One for The Century Foundation and one for its new think tank The Next100. 

TCF | Next100

Policy often weighs heaviest on those with the least political power. The Century Foundation set out to change that by creating the Next100, a new think tank specifically designed to put affected communities at the forefront of policy creation.  

TCF | Overview

The Century Foundation has been helping to form a more inclusive, accountable and just society for more than a hundred years. This brand video was created to illustrate TCF’s impact in advancing equity in critical areas, including maternal care, education and worker protections.



Kathryn Carlson and Gabe Silverman 

Executive Producer

Jamie Coughlin Silverman

Director of Photography
Teresa Carante

Deanna Del Ciello and Nora Rappaport


Liza Slutskaya, Nora Rappaport, Teresa Carante, Richard Yeagley, Andre Martins, Hannah Long-Higgins 

Production Assistants

Nick Jackson and Billy Dalton