The Holocaust Center | Exhibit Films & Audio 




Ralph Applebaum Associates approached SideXSide with the task of reigniting people’s curiosity in the museum exhibit at the The Holocaust Center. The team at The Holocaust Center wanted to provide an opportunity for young people to immerse themselves in the experience, and ultimately create a stronger connection with the history.

Mark Mulder, the Director of Curatorial Affairs at The Holocaust Center, said “a major goal of our exhibition was to connect our visitors with the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, and to emphasize their humanity and individuality.”

We teamed up with RAA to create a series of videos and soundscapes that would not only generate awareness and interest in the Michigan-based museum, but also create the immersive experience at the exhibit that The HC desired. The promotional video consisted of video portraits of modern day museum visitors, interwoven with archival footage, voiceover from Holocaust survivors and music aimed at introducing a part of history to a general audience.

The four video installations used a mixture of archival footage, photographs, and audio recordings to bring historical themes to life: Life in Weimar, Germany, Kristallnacht Slideshow, Righteous and Hidden Children Object, and People and Possessions. A 360-degree soundscape added an additional layer of immersion that heightened the experience overall.

“The media produced by SideXSide brings the content of our exhibit to life in profound ways. The installations solidify the messages of each part of exhibit in visceral, emotional, and deeply personal ways,” said Mulder after the project was completed. “The work SideXSide completed for this project is a major reason why we have been so successful in those goals. From complex film collages to incredible soundscapes, they produced media that not only expresses our vision, but encourages visitors to stay longer, explore more, and really connect with our content.” 



Gabriel Silverman, Kathryn Carlson

Executive Producer

Jamie Coughlin Silverman, Gabriel Silverman


Deanna Del Ciello

Archival Producer

Jacob Fertig


David Zucker, Fernando Tovar


Gavin Brivik

Sound Design

Amar Lal

Additional Photos