Holocaust Museum Houston | Exhibit Films & Audio


SideXSide Studios was honored to produce nine films and two audio exhibits in collaboration with RAA Media for the newly expanded Holocaust Museum Houston. In keeping with its mission to educate the public about the dangers of prejudice and hatred in society, the museum refreshed its Holocaust Gallery and opened its new Human Rights Gallery in June 2019. These exhibits are intended to ground visitors in the history of the Holocaust and engage people in difficult questions around how we think of and protect human rights.

Over the course of nine months, our team: cast the films after researching and interviewing dozens of historians, human rights lawyers, activists, and scholars from universities and organizations across the country; combed through over 75 hours of survivor testimony and archival footage from WWII, the Holocaust, and other mass atrocities; and collaborated with the museum’s review board of historians, authors, and survivors to ensure accuracy in our storytelling. Holocaust Museum Houston proudly opens its doors to over 160,000 visitors per year.

While we cannot display the material online, we encourage all to visit the museum in person.

Behind-The-Scenes Photos



Gabriel Silverman

Executive Producer
Jamie Coughlin

Kathryn Carlson, Gabriel Silverman, Jamie Coughlin

Deanna Del Ciello
Lead Editors
Kathryn Carlson, Aiden Korotkin
Nick Lunn, Laura Franco Velasco, Liza Slutskaya, Saznin Mehta
Production Assistant
Meredith Donnelly
Original score
Gavin Brivik