Hilton | Thrive Sabbatical Series




If you had an entire month to give a dream or live a dream, what would you do? Where would you go? That’s the question Hilton posed to its Team Members, who could then apply to live out their dream on Hilton’s dime.

Over the first two seasons, SideXSide Studios captured the stories of 18 Hilton Team Members who lived this incredible opportunity. Along the way, we met Team Members making education more accessible, cleaning up the ocean, providing women with career training, and living out life-long dreams. Our team produced videos in 16 countries, personally filming in 11, and remotely directed Team Members to document their experiences with Hilton-provided GoPros.

These videos were used for recruitment, and to bolster morale among their 100,000+ Team Members worldwide. 

SideXSide Studios provided all production services and collaborated with NGO’s and organizations across the globe to ensure filming access, secured film permits and visas, and sourced and worked with local fixers to support production.

Additional Videos



Gabe Silverman

Executive Producer

Jamie Coughlin

Director of Photography

Kathryn Carlson

Second Camera & Still Photography

Eric Kruszewski, Gabe Silverman, Dominic Bracco


Deanna Del Ciello


Kathryn Carlson, Nick Lunn, Aiden Korotkin

Assistant Editor

Liza Slutskaya, Joseph Mendolia, Sadie Zuch, Meredith Donnelly, Deanna Del Ciello