HIAS | Serving Romania’s Ukrainian Refugees



Since the beginning of full-scale war in February 2022, more than 130,000 refugees from Ukraine have settled in Romania. SideXSide teamed up with our longtime partners at HIAS to create a short film to share how HIAS Romania continues to help forcibly displaced Ukrainians achieve economic self-sufficiency and mental health support. 

Our story centers around Yiftach Millo, who was born in Israel after his parents left Romania following World War II. Now, after a career working with refugees around the world, he has returned to a place that has loomed so large in his family’s history. It is work that HIAS’ identity — and the personal stories of people like Millo — is especially suited for. 

The short film is a timely highlight of HIAS’ efforts in difficult, yet important, areas of the world. The organization published the video at the top of their website and on digital platforms.

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