E4USA | Engineering For Us All



Engineering For Us All (e4usa) focuses on just that: making engineering curriculum accessible for all types of pre-college students all over the country by showing how engineering shows up in everyone’s daily lives. SideXSide created a suite of explainer videos as a curriculum supplement to help demystify the engineering design process for current e4usa students. Along with these student-facing videos, we created lesson-by-lesson walk-through guides for teachers, providing tips and tricks as they navigate through the e4usa curriculum.

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Kathryn Carlson

Executive Producers

Jamie Coughlin, Gabe Silverman

Director of Photography

Teresa Carante

Camera Operator

Hannah Long-Higgins


Deanna Del Ciello, Caley Fox Shannon, Rooj Alwazir


Teresa Carante, Richard Yeagleey, Liza Slutskaya

Maryland Department of Commerce Film Office