Branded and original doc studio SideXSide adds Ahmad Samara and L Cedeño Miller

May 3, 2024

The new Associate Creative Director and Producer continue the studio’s growth across original films and branded content.

May 3rd, 2024 – The award-winning film production company SideXSide Studios has hired Ahmad Samara as Associate Creative Director and L Cedeño Miller as Producer, continuing the studio’s growth in its production capabilities across branded and original content. The two new team members will join SideXSide’s Washington, D.C. production hub.

As Associate Creative Director, Samara will lead creative development on commercial projects, working with the studio’s brand clients.

Samara brings a wide range of skills to the SideXSide team. He has worked on commercials, documentaries, and awareness campaigns, and is known for continually experimenting with visual storytelling styles. He’ll utilize his experience in cinematography, video editing, producing, and directing on the studio’s commercial projects.

As Producer, L will manage projects through all phases of production, including developing stories, coordinating film crews, and ensuring final delivery. Prior to SideXSide, L worked as a language justice organizer, managing up to 50 interpreters in nine different languages to facilitate better communication across cultures and social movements.  

The two hires follow the world premiere of “How To Build A Truth Engine” at SXSW, an Austrian documentary by Friedrich Moser and executive produced by SideXSide. Earlier in 2024, the studio expanded to Europe with the opening of their Vienna, Austria production hub.

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